Information Security

Information security is safeguarding of data and information to support the CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity and Accessibility). Research has shown that people focus on the accessibility and ignoring confidentiality and integrity leads to inability to differentiate between sensitive and critical data, which is the reason data breach happens.
Information Security is not about knowing the technical part alone, you also require a good knowledge of the administrative part which is actually following the standard, procedures and policies.
This includes the following:
Operating System security
Protecting the IT resources of a company against security threats is very important, from securing a desktop to the high availability options available on the platform, to directory service options on operating systems such as Windows Clients and Server, Linux etc

Database Security
Computer networks are built to support business functionality and communication, the result of business is data. The data in your business is your company's digital assets; it needs protection from malicious attackers. The modern corporate applications contain database used to take care of data. Ensuring that this data doesn't get into the hands of unauthorized employees or outsider, you need to recognize and secure it from this threat.

Application Security
We present security guidelines and considerations in web applications development. how to enforce security on a web application, basics of Threat Modeling, Threat Profiling, OWASP Top Ten Testing, Black Box Testing, and Source Code Reviews.

Network Security
With the explosion of internet and e-world, the computer networks, if not secured adequately, are getting targeted for a large amount of threats which can cause huge damages to the enterprise. We identify them and provide proper solutions.

Wireless Security
We know security standards, including all 802.1x/EAP types used in WLANs, how to locate and triangulate rogue access points and implement Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems, assess the security of wireless networks using the required testing tools.

Cloud Computing Security
Cloud computing is the use of hardware and software resources that are delivered as a service typically over the Internet. It entrusts remote services with users’ data, software and computation. Although there are numerous business advantages and opportunities offered by cloud computing in terms of improved availability, scalability, flexibility etc., it is important to tap its business potentials carefully. Securing the client data in the "cloud" must be the prime concern for the cloud service provider.

Mobile Security
With most of our digital lives now revolving around devices such as smartphones, tablets and so on, mobile security has become a major security concern. We examine the various dangers and threats which put consumers and data privacy at risk. We cover real world examples of security breaches either of the smartphone security framework or by 3rd party applications. Various security frameworks across different mobile platforms like Apple, Windows and Android with understanding of common threats and best security practices.

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