Real Estate Software

Real Estate
Showcase all your available properties efficiently, and stay away from the stress of moving around with clients. Get Real Estate Software and exonerate yourself from such task. Try our demo account at and subscribe via
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Get the best E-Transport Software for the most simplified logistics operations management. Subscribe via or test a demo account at
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My Shop 45

Optimize sales management, stock taking and ease of payment with simplified receipt generation and a lot more using the Point of Sale Software, “Myshop45”.  Subscribe via
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Software Development

Contact us to transform your innovative ideas into customized software solutions tailored to meet your unique business requirements. Contact Emblic Technologies at  and let us bring your vision to life.

Emblic Institute of Technology (EIT)

Discover excellence in Front-End Development, Back-End Development, Full Stack, Android Development, and various other cutting-edge technological programs at Emblic Institute of Technology. Enroll now at to kickstart your learning journey.

Examination System (CBT)

Experience the convenience of automated examination marking and recording through the Examination Management System, "Brain Tester." Reach out to Emblic Technologies to tailor the most efficient software that simplifies examination processes for your institution. Explore more at

Hotel Software

Upgrade your hotel management with our software!
Enjoy intuitive room control, personalized guest services, streamlined accounting, and enhanced health club facilities.
Embrace the future of hospitality!

School Software

Revolutionize academic excellence with our School Software!
Streamline academic reports, admissions, student management, and assignment tracking.
Transform education into an interactive and efficient experience. Visit

Hospital Software

Revolutionizing healthcare with precision and care! Our hospital software manages human resources, patient care, bed allotment, and blood bank with unparalleled efficiency, elevating healthcare services with technology. Visit

Cyber Security

Fight against cyber threats, let’s help you through staff corporate training, securing your private data and more. Just link up with Emblic technologies and be rest assured.
Our team of cyber experts will take it up from there. Link up with us, visit our website at or send an mail to

Website Development

Tired of chasing clients? It’s time to have a traffic of clients looking for you. Contact Emblic Technologies to have designed the best SEO website that will give your business visibility beyond your expectations.
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Office Pro

Emblic Technologies has thoughtfully developed office management software that streamlines all office procedures ranging from Human Resource Management to payroll management, request system, report management, memos, petty cash and other important features that will relieve you of your daily struggles at work.
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